Top 6 best types of NFT you can buy and sell today

The potential applications of NFTs seems to be endless, they are not just some bunch of JPEHs with price attarcehd to them, they worth more than what distractors might want you to believe. Although, w are still in the early stage of NFTs and this means it might take some time before we start seeing standard projects like the,  Soulbound Tokens, a project by Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin.

NFT provides opportunities across various industries its applications have been seen across different areas. Below, we look at how NFT is revolutionizing the traditional way of doing business in some industries.

1. NFT Arts

NFT art simply refers to any digital art that is stored on the blockchain. Artists can decide to tokenize an of their artworks which gives the token holder the ownership right to the artwork. Once this is done, the token holder can trade and sell the digital art just like any other NFT.

Another importance of NFT to artists is that their artworks can now have a larger audience. NFT is not location bound because users can always view them on digital platforms at any time and from anywhere, unlike physical arts that need to be displayed in art galleries for art lovers.
For physical arts, the value is mostly determined by the number of times and resources that went into the creation of a particular masterpiece. But for NFT art, the value depends on how the users perceive it.
And if you want to know how to sell NFT arts or the best NFT arts to invest in, the best option for you is the NFT art marketplace.

2. NFT Music

NFT is not only limited to arts alone, its usage can also be seen in the music industry. Remember that NFT is powered by a decentralized network system that takes power from the middlemen or central control. This implies that artists might not rely on a record label anymore before they can make sales from their music. The essence of having record labels is to promote music using their resources, and this can take a while before they can make millions from their music. But with NFT, an artiste can simply reach millions of people within a day. A typical example is Grimes who earned $5.8 million within the space of 20 minutes of tokenizing.

NFT music streaming is another thing to look into, because unlike tradition music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, etc. NFT music streaming platform will give artiste direct control over their music and can chart listeners in crypto.

Apart from giving artistes full access to their royalty off their music, NFT will also stop the issue of digital piracy which has been a big issue faced by artists for so long.In case you are interested in knowing how to sell NFT music, there are couple of NFT music marketplace you can choose from. Some of the best NFT music marketplace out there include OpenSea, NFT Showroom, SuperRare and NiftyGateway.

3. NFT Fashion

Some years back, the idea of virtual fashion nft was might seem unrealistic but with the latest NFTs frenzy, it has been shown that a lot of possibilities exist with NFT. The fashion industry has also been exploring the opportunities that exist in NFT and one of those making the wave is the digital fashion house, The Fabricant. The company launched an online design studio which was named The Fabricant Studio where users can create an exclusive virtual garment, mint it, and trade it as NFTs which can be worn in a virtual environment in the Metaverse.

The luxury fashion companies are also not taking the backseat in this revolution season. For example, Gucci sold a digital version of its Dionysus bag for about $4,115 on Roblox Corp.’s platform. The virtual bag was said to have been valued higher than the physical item. Dolce and Gabanna also partnered with an NFT fashion marketplace, UNXD to launched its NFT collection in 2021 called Collezione Genesis, the NFT fetched approximately $5.65 million from its sales.

4. Gamified NFTs

Game lovers won’t just be playing games for fun because with NFT play-to-earn games, they can be getting some rewards alongside which they can later trade as NFT.

NFT games use blockchain technology to prove ownership history and for decentralization, that is all players can view and use it.
In the actual sense, game companies aren’t selling entire games as NFTs, what they do instead is to sell in-game content, like skins, characters, and other items. Due to its lucrativeness, many companies are still expected to launch more video games in years to come and this can as well serve as a full-time job to game lovers. Some of the most popular NFT games now are Decentraland, Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained.

5. NFT Videos

One interesting thing about NFT is that it can be used and just like other item types, the NFT video sales has proven to be successful looking at the outcome from 2021 sales. Some of the big NFT video sales are:

  • CROSSROAD by Beeple: In October 2020, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile first bought the digital art from Beeple for almost $67,000 and resold it as an NFT 5-months later in February for $6.6 million making it the most expensive NFT video ever sold.
  • “Earth” and “Mars” by Grimes: Second NFT video on the list is “Earth” and “Mars” where Grimes sold a total of 700 copies of NFT videos at $7500 each, summing up to $5.18 million in total sales.
  • Metarift by Pak: Metarisk was created by crypto expertise, Pak and he sold it for 489 Ethereum which is $906,709.
  • LeBron James “Cosmic” Dunk by NBA Top Shot: In February 2021, LeBron James’s Kobe Bryant tribute dunk was sold for $387,600 on the NBA Top Shot marketplace.

6. NFT Memes

There are a number of memes on the internet today. An example of such is the Nyan cat which was sold for £416,000 and it was its sale that kickstarted the NFT meme sales wave. Another famous NFT meme is Zoë Roth’s meme known as “disaster girl”. Her meme includes a picture of her in front of a burning building. The picture was taken by her dad when she was only four but little did she know that it would become viral. Roth sold Disaster Girl as an NFT in April 2021 for 180 of Ethereum, about £341,000.

However, the most expensive meme of all time is the Iconic Doge Shiba Inu Meme, which was sold for $4 million. The meme was auctioned by Atsuko Sato, the owner of Kabosu which is the dog from the image. The dog image went viral o sites lite Tumblr and Reddit, and Kabosu was referred to as Doge by a Reddit user in the early 2010s. Doge became more popular due to Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was branded after the dog meme.



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