How to check Airtel number

If you just bought an Airtel SIM it may be difficult to remember the number and even apart from that, it is possible that you don’t remember your SIM number even after using it for a long time if the number is a type that is difficult to remember. Another reason why it may be difficult to remember a SIM number is if you have more than one SIM card

Knowing your SIM number isn’t a difficult thing to do. There are different options you can use to check your Airtel number.

Method 1: Check your Airtel number using USD code

This is quite a simple method you can use to know your number. Once your SIM has been activated, on your phone dial pa, dial *121#, you will be given many options, from the options given, select “3. Manage My Account” and send. On the next result page, you will be given another list of options, from there select “4. My Number” and send, the next page result will display your number.

Method 2: Call/contact another phone number

Another method you can use is to call a phone number near you, just ensure that you have minimum call airtime on your sim. Once you call another phone number, your number will be displayed on the person’s phone, you can simply copy it out. Apart from calling the number, you can also message another number on WhatsApp provided the person is registered on WhatsApp, and from there, copy out the number once it appears on WhatsApp.

Method 3: Dial a straightforward USSD code

If the above steps look too long for you, then simply dial *121*3*4#, and your phone number will be revealed immediately.


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