How to get Netflix for free without paying, legally

Netflix is one of the top stream platforms around the world with about 200 million subscribers. The demand for its movies and original shows has gained more popularity among users and has helped the movie streaming platform increase in popularity even though the cost of subscription has increased. When compared with cable television, Netflix offers a fairly cheaper price although users on a budget might not be able to afford to pay for their subscription. What should they do in such a case, stop streaming on Netflix? that doesn’t sound too nice. That is why I will be sharing with you some tips you can use to continue to stream Netflix for free even though you don’t have an active subscription, and this type is completely legal.

Share Netflix subscription with friends or family

The basic plan on Netflix does not allow users to stream more than one show or movie at a time. But if you have a friend or family member that uses either the standard or premium subscription, you can request to use their accounts to access Netflix. The standard subscription allows you to stream up to two movies or shows at a time and on different devices while the Premium allows up to four streaming at concurrently and o different devices as well. If they trust you enough, they can decide to share with you their Netflix account details and you also can join in streaming without interfering with whatever it is they are watching. Some may not want to give you the access but you may negotiate with them to pay part of the subscription and if you would ask me, I would say that sounds like a good deal.

How to share a Netflix account

So let’s say your friend or family has agreed to share their account with you, how can you then share in their Netflix subscription?
You should know that Netflix allows its users to create up to 5 different profiles and each of the five has its own watchlists and recommendations. With this, you can share your account without it affecting the shows it recommends for you.

Steps on how to set up a separate Netflix account

1. Go to
2. Click or tap on the user icon which you can see in the upper right corner of your screen
3. You can then select the Manage Profiles
4. Next select on Add Profile
5. You will now be able to add a new profile, enter the name of the profile and select “CONTINUE”
6. The last is to select “DONE”

How to get Netflix for free on T-mobile

You can get Netflix for free easily if you are a T-mobile user. T-mobile has a program called Netflix on us and what it does is that instead of you paying for your Netflix account, T-Mobile will do it for you.

There are terms and conditions that apply to this free offer, you must have at least two or more T-Mobile accounts before you can qualify for this free offer, and what determines if you get a Netflix Basic or Standard plan is your T-Mobile plan. For example, if you have Magenta and Magenta Military plan, you can get an $8.99 Basic subscription. Meanwhile, if you have Magenta Plus and T-Mobile ONE with ONE Plus plans, you can get a Standard subscription priced at the rate of $13.99.


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