How to remove water from phone

There are times that our iPhones or other types of smartphones will fall off, it has opened to almost all individuals at a point. But the most terrible experience will be if your phone falls inside the water. If your phone is waterproof, then you have nothing to worry about than your phone getting wet which you can easily wipe off.

However, if your phone is not waterproof, the outcome will be devastating because it will cause some damages to your phone.

Based on the analysis from Apple, about 32% of iPhone damages in the US was caused by water damages.

What happens to your phone when it falls inside the water?

Water enters your smartphone, it will serve as a conductor carrying current which overloads the phone by frying the circuit board thereby damaging it. The impact of the water might not be noticeable immediately because it takes some time for the water to get to the delicate parts.

This is why some people can still operate their phones after it falls into the water without showing any sign of fault. But in a matter of time, it starts misbehaving and this also affects the iPhone speaker as well.

What not to do if your iPhone other types fall inside water

It is common for people to panic when their phones enter into water and this may want them to do all sorts of things to get rid of the water. However, you might end up doing more damages to the phone than repairing it.

  1. If the phone is off, do not turn it on and if on, do not perform any function on it aside from turning it off
  2. Do not put it inside the microwave in a bid to dry it as this could lead to an explosion
  3. Do not blow air into it because doing so may cause the water to be pushed further to some areas in the phone that it hasn’t got to yet.
  4. Do not use a hair-dryer because the heat can damage the phone further
  5. Avoid banging or shaking the phone too much because it can also damage the phone further

So if it happens that your phone falls into the water and it is not waterproofed, the best thing would is to take it to a professional phone repairer. But in a case where you don’t have a nearby phone repairer, how can you fix it? In this article, we look at the steps to take in order to save your iPhone when it falls inside water.

You can also follow these steps to remove water from the iPhone speaker.

Steps to take get water out of your phone

  1. Immediately take your phone from the water and dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  2. Switch off the phone immediately if it is on and don’t try to perform any function on it. If it is off, leave it in that state.
  3. In the case where you can remove the battery, do that and as well remove the SIM card and memory card. Some latest phones have inbuilt batteries that are nonremovable batteries, so you might need to use a phone tool to remove the battery.
  4. If the water is extensive, you might need to dry with a silical gel packs, a vacuum, or a phone drying pouch to get rid of the water.
  5. Dip your iPhone into raw, uncooked rice and leave it there for about 48 hours, and do not make attempt to switch off your phone during this period.
  6. After 48 hours, turn the phone on. Your phone should be working perfectly at this stage.

But if it refuses to work, then take it to the nearest professional phone repairer.

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