How to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria

YouTube is one of the most used media platform in the world and since it was founded in 2005, it has gained popularity among creators ever since the time the very first video was uploaded in 23 April 2005. YouTube presents itself as a leader in video hosting platforms and what even makes it more acceptable is that you can host your video on it for free.

Nigerians who visit YouTube do so for various reasons, some for entertainment, and some for information or helpful tips on a particular topic. This is where creators come in to meet the demands of these visitors. These creators are called YouTubers and there are currently about YouTubers.

Brands also use YouTube to further boost their visibility by publishing video to give more information about their products or services.

YouTube gives creators the opportunity to make money with their channels by placing adverts on their videos and they get paid though Adsense, but this depends on the creator’s decision. There are quite a good number of Nigeria vloggers making good money from vlogging. Apart from relying on revenue through Google Adsense, you may decide to collaborate with brands and create a sponsored video

Either you want to have a channel where you want to be showcasing your business or you want to be making money as most vloggers do, then pay attention as we look at the steps you should follow to make this happen.

1. Choose your Niche

The first step in creating your YouTube channel is choosing a niche. The majority of vloggers in Nigeria are in the entertainment niche with different video skits both standard and low quality ones, everyone just want to make money without proper planning. I can say that this niche is too common. Another niche very common among Nigerians is the gist. But it is advisable that you don’t start your channel in any of these saturated niches, instead go for the less saturated once.

One of the ways you can choose a niche is by asking yourself what your passion is. Once you know answer to that question, ensure you stick with it and don’t confuse your subscribers by jumping fro one niche to another. A single glance on your video list should give anybody an idea of what your channel is all about. Imagine visiting your channel and I see 8 videos on cake making, 15 comedy videos, 10 videos on money saving habit, I will easily tag you as a confused Vlogger and never as a professional because I have every cause to doubt you are an experts in any of those things.

Some of the profitable niches you can consider are:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Food/cooking
  • Unboxing/Reviews
  • Travel
  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Tutorials etc.

2. Create your YouTube Channel

After you have finally decided what niche you want to be creating video on, the next thing is to create your YouTube channel. If you want to create a YouTube channel i Nigeria all what you need is a Gmail account. You can now start by going on to and sign in with your Gmail account.

In the top right corner of your screen, you will see your profile icon, click on it and from there you can create your channel. It’s either you create a new channel or you use an existing one, but let’s assume this is your first time, click on “create new channel”.

Next, you will be provided the option to either create a personal YouTube channel or reate a channel using a business or other name. You can then begin to customize your channel by adding your channel art and so on, YouTube recommends 2560×1440 pixel image for your channel art.

3. Make Plan for your Content

Once you have a niche that you want to be vlogging on and you’ve created your youtube channel, the next thing is to make proper plan for your content. You need to ask yourself how often can you show up for your audience. A lot of youtubers always upload videos whenever they feel like, they don’t have any specific time or days of the week which their audience can be expecting them to upload, and this is a sign of an unserious youtuber. But if you really want to make money from YouTube, you need to take it serious and treat it like a business. Sit down and make proper plan on how often you want to be uploading your video, it doesn’t matter is it’s once in a week or every day, what matters is the quality of your video. So choose your uploading pattern and stick to it.

4. Get your Video Tools Ready

In getting your video tools, you don’t need to wait till you have all equipment complete, as a matter of fact, you only need your smartphone to start making videos and smartphone cameras these days are often are always top notch. So you can start from there, many Nigerian youtubers started out this way before being able to afford their won gear. However, you must plan to take your video creation to the next level along the line and people will even notice the growth in your video production effort.

Below are the list of tools for YouTube video creation:

  • DSLRs or mirrorless cameras
  • Tripods,
  • Lenses,
  • Studio lighting
  • Microphone

And if you want to vlog on the go that is you don’t want to be stationed at a point, consider getting:

  • A mirrorless or action camera
  •  Handheld gimbal stabilizer or monopod

5. Use Video Editing Software

You don’t need to take course or attend any special training before you are able to edit your videos these days, simply get some editing software, though some are paid but majority have free versions which will only require you to upgrade before you can access their pro version. These video editing softwares make your video look nicer and add any effetcs you which to add. The good thing is you don’t need to carry your laptop along with you before you will be able to edit or be glued to your deskstop before apart from windows or mac editing software, there are also phone Apps you can use for the same purpose such as Filmora, Kinemaster, Vivavideo etc.

6. Optimize your Videos

Your YouTube video creation is not completed until you optimize your video. Of what benefit will it be if you have a very nice and standard video yet with very low views. Just take for instance a nicely dressed beautiful lady who have spent a good number of time on herself to look good for an outing then decide to stay indoor all through the day, it doesn’t really make sense does it? Same applies to your video. To ensure that people discover and view your videos you must ensure that it is well optimized and I am talking about a proper SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization, the same effort you put into crating your video should also be put into optimizing it.

So let’s say you want to create a video on “Best places to visit in Nigeria”, ensure that these keywords appear in your title description and tags. This way, YouTube will rank your video when a user make a search relating to these keywords. Understanding how potential views search for video will let you know what keywords to use and then optimize your video so that it captures these keywords.

7. Connect and Interact with your Viewers

You are not a robot so try and bring live into your channel, just every other social media platforms, try to be connective with your audience,  share your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. so they can connect with you outside YouTube. Make it and habit to be replying their comment or reacting to it, by doing that, it shows that you acknowledge and appreciate their presence on your channel. Interacting with your viewers is a smart move in increasing your community base as your views will recommend you to their circles.

8. Be Ready for Negative Comments

No matter how nice your video is, there will still be some people who will drop one or two negative comments. That doesn’t mean you are not doing the right thing, so don’t let it weigh you down, instead ignore them and focus on your work. You should know that the best video on YouTube has dislikes so it is normal if people don’t like your video. Though there are some comments where viewers give their sincere opinion about your video, you should pay attention to what they are saying and answer them accordingly.

9. Be Consitent

You will agree with me that if you want to succeed in anything, you need to be as consistent as posible. Growing a Yotube channel requires patience, even though you won’t start getting high views immeditely you start uploding your videos , but make up your mind taht you are in it for a long time adn eventually, your efforts will worth it.


So ensure you put all the stepts I have mesntioned into consideration, read it again if you haev to and follow it religiously, and having done all, stand.


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