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Nigeria leads as Y Combinator receives highest number of African startups yet

The number of African startups that are participating in this year’s Y Combinator summer batch is greater than it’s the usual number. The 2021 Silicon Valley-based Y Combinator accelerator programme has 15 participants coming from African startups which is the highest ever compared to other cohorts.

A total of 377 startups were selected from 47 countries to partake in this year’s Y Combinator summer programme. This is up from 198 startups that participated in the accelerator programme last year.
Each startup that makes the 2021 Silicon Valley-based Y Combinator accelerator will get a total of $125,000 seed investment ad the opportunity for more investment opportunities at a demo day.
Out of the 15 startups coming from Africa, Nigeria had the highest with a total of five startups, followed by Egypt which had four startups, Morocco had two startups, while Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia had one startup each.

Taking a close look at the five startups from Nigeria, the first is Infiuss Health, it was founded by Melissa Bime and Mbah Charles in 2020. The company is building a platform for remote research and clinical trials to make healthcare seamless and accessible in Africa.
The second one is Lemonade Finance and it was founded by Rian Cochran and Ridwan Olalere in 2020. The company provide multi-currency accounts which allow migrants to carry out transactions and banking with ease.
The third startup from Nigeria is Mecho Autotech, founded by Ayoola Akinkunmi and Olusegun Owoade in 2021, is a digital maintenance and repairs company.

Fourth is Payhippo was founded in 2019 by the trio, Zach Bijesse, Uche Nnadi and Chioma Okotcha with the aim of resolving the issue of credit accessibility among SMEs.
Suplias is the fifth startup coming from Nigeria launched in 2019 by Stephen Igwue, Michael Adesanya and Sefa Ikyaator. The startup operates as a B2B marketplace digitising informal retail trade in Nigeria.

Nigeria is followed by Egypt with four startups and they include Pylon, a water and electricity distribution company, it was founded by Ahmed Ashour and Omar Radi in 2017.
The second is Amenli, founded by Shady El Tohfa and Adham Nauman in 2020, it operates as an insurance company. The third from Egypt is Odiggo, a vehicle service company operating in the Middle East; and lastly from Egypt, we have ShipBlu which offers delivery services to traders and started in 2020.
Morrocow has two startups in the programme which include an e-commerce and fintech startup, Chari. It was founded by Sophia Alj and Ismael Belkhayat in 2020. The second is Freterium, a collaborative SaaS value chain startup and it was founded in 2018 by Omar El Kouhene and Mehdi Cherif Alami.

The only startup coming from Ghana is Yemaachi Biotechnology which was funded in 2020 by Yaw Attua-Afari, Yaw Bediako, David Hutchful and Joyce Ngoi in 2020. The company is focused on ensuring the reduction of the economic burden of cancer by developing novel, non-invasive and affordable molecular diagnostics.

Kenya is represented in this year’s cohort by the fintech startup, Fingo, making banking accessible and affordable to Africans. It was founded in 2020 by Kiiru Muhoya Gitari Tirima James da Costa and Ian Njuguna.
The only startup from South Africa is Floatpays which makes finances accessible at a low interest rate. The company was founded in 2019 by Simon Ward.

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