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YouTube Shorts Creators Can Earn $10,000 monthly

YouTube will now start paying its creators $10,000 per month for creating popular videos. YouTube Shorts was launched in the US in March as TikTok’s competition.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a feature on YouTube that allows you to scroll through short videos.

Shorts was introduced by YouTube for creators and artists who want to shoot short and catchy videos using their mobile phones only. Shorts lets creators express themselves in 15 sec or less with features that make video creation easy and fun at the same time. Some of these features include

  • A timer control that lets you record easily and hands-free
  • Speed controls that let creativity more flexible
  • A multi-segment camera with which you can merge multiple video clips together
  • An option to record with music which you can get from a large songs library.
YouTube shorts
Source: The Verge

YouTube has planned to pay $100 million to creators throughout the next year, and the first payment will start this month. Even when the fund might look attractive for creators, the payouts are not guaranteed, according to The Verge. The location of the creator’s audience is located just something similar to Google Adsense and also another eligibility criterion is the number of people who make and watch Shorts per month.

For videos to be counted as eligible for payments, YouTube said it has to be original while reuploads and videos watermarks from other video channels like Tiktok, Snapchat or Reels will not be accepted. For now, payment is only available in 10 regions and the good news for Nigeria creators is that Nigeria is part of these 10 regions. Others include the US, UK, South Africa, and few others.

Nigeria creators are very dominant on YouTube with content niches such as comedy skits, fashions, food, tech reviews, etc. This is good news to them because most Nigeria YouTubers always complain about their payment ratio when compared to other YouTubers in some regions like the US or UK and that is because YouTube tends to pay higher if you have views coming from the US or some European countries. YouTube Shorts will definitely be a plus for them as they add to their income revenue.

The usual way creators have been paid by Google has been through running ads before their video plays or in-between and they are paid per ad views. With the introduction of Shorts, Creators will now have an alternative source of payment. For other platforms such as Tiktok and Snapchat, creators are being paid based on how popular their videos are not based on ads.

Though we can say YouTube is coming late to the short-videos party, it is an undeniable fact that YouTube is an already established video platform which might give it a quick start and lets it catch up easily.


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